Frequent Asked Questions

What is the difference between the organic honey and sugar wax combination compared to hard wax?

The honey and sugar wax combination is organic, more effective removing hair, quicker to apply and significantly more gentle on skin than hard waxes.

How long do I have to let the hair grow?

You must let your hair grow in for at least 2 weeks if you have shaved in order to get a good wax. This should be about a half of an inch, but the longer the better! The more follicles/roots we can pull, the cleaner the wax, the longer it is going to last and the happier you are going to be!

Does it hurt?

Pain during your waxing will be dependent on your mindset, your general tolerance for discomfort, and whether or not you stay on schedule. It hurts more the first time than any other time because you are pulling out 100% of the hair, your nerves are on edge, and you don’t know what to expect. You will experience a quick, temporary sting that stops hurting right away. By far the worst part for most people is the anticipation, not the actual removal!

Should I trim my hair?

NO! The longer the better. The longer the hair, the more the wax will adhere, the smoother your skin will become, and the longer the results will last.

Can I still wax if I am on my period?

Yes. If you are on your cycle just wear a tampon and be prepared to be a little more sensitive than usual. Same goes for the few days before your cycle as well.

Can I still wax if I am pregnant?

Yes. You may be a little more sensitive than usual, but we regularly wax mothers-to-be up to a week before their due date!

Are there medication that would prevent me from getting waxed?

Yes! You CANNOT be waxed if you are taking Accutane, Differin, or Retin A. You should also avoid waxing while using glycolic acid, harsh exfoliants or any facial peels.

Can I tan before or after my wax?

We recommend that you do not tan before or at least 24 hours after. Also, don’t come in with a spray tan because the wax will exfoliate your tan right off! If necessary, it is OK to spray tan after waxing once the waxed area has had a few hours to recover.

How long does the Brazilian Wax take?

Around 15 to 20 minutes, but it depends how much hair needs to be removed.

How long does a Brazilian Wax last?

Waxing may last 3 to 4 weeks. The more you do it, the longer it will last. We recommend absolutely NO SHAVING in that area between waxes. Shaving traumatizes the hair follicle and creates redness and ingrown hairs.

What is the cancellation policy?

Your appointment is very important to us and we set aside time just for you. With that in mind, should you need to reschedule your appointment, please provide us with 24-hour notice.

What are some side effects?
  • Redness: It is normal for your skin to show redness after waxing. Some skin is more sensitive than others and reactions may range from no redness at all to very red. ­ Redness can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to diminish. Aloe Vera is recommended to assist with redness.
  • Bumps after wax: Some bumps are a result of post wax irritation and will go away on their own within a few hours to a few days. Aloe Vera is recommended to hydrate the area.
  • Ingrown hairs: To prevent ingrown hairs or further skin irritation, we recommend that you exfoliate the area after wax.
  • Itching: Itching can happen after a fresh wax because the skin will be new and sensitive, therefore, you must be careful not to cause further irritation by scratching. Hydrocortisone or Benadryl cream are great options to reduce itching!
  • Stubble Hair after Waxing: It’s possible that the hairs just below the skin’s surface have sprouted after your wax service, resulting in a stubbly feel. Remember all hair follicles may have a different growth cycle. Moisturizing daily between services is a must do and critical to on-going care. Let them grow to help align all the hair growth cycles.